The Cotswold Boxer Club Rescue Service has been running for many years, based entirely on voluntary contributions and the donations which new owners give when they are taking on a rescue Boxer.
We operate as an 'introduction' service whereby people who, unfortunately, cannot keep their Boxer contact us and we endeavour to put them in touch with others who are willing to give an older Boxer a home.  
Usually this works really well however, very occasionally, we do need to take a Boxer in to kennels.......
Bertie came to us about six months ago.  She was called Bertha, but we didn't really think that name suited her!  She had no confidence whatsoever and had obviously been mis-treated in the past. She was extremely thin when she came to us and she was obviously very claustrophobic since she would never go inside.  We guess that she had been shut in a shed at one of her previous homes.
In the months she has been with us she has put on weight and is now in lovely condition.  She will now happily go inside and she has become very used to our routine.  She grows in confidence every day but only in circumstances that she knows.  The minute anything out of the ordinary happens or someone new visits then it is back to square one.
Bertie needs a home with folk who really understand Boxers, have had them before and have the patience of a saint.  She couldn't go where there are children and any new home will need to be very understanding.
She's lovely with us now, as you can see, but she is a troubled soul who needs a special new owner.
All Boxer Rescue enquiries should be directed to: